Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bacon Man stand in Sushi Flower

Sushi wraps (green sea weed squares with salt)
Cooked Bacon strips
Cooked rice
Carrots, sliced thin like little sticks
Eggs, fried and sliced
Red Bean Paste (in my opinion, this totally ruined the sushi, it was way too hot. Avoid it or use very little, unless you are angry with the person you are serving this to. Then slather it on… and watch their head explode.)

To make Bacon sushi:

Layer all ingredients in a line on one side of the sushi square. Get the opposite end wet and roll the whole thing like a pig in a blanket. Slice the log into 6 pieces, about ¾ of an inch thick. Put a scoop of rice in the middle of a circular plate. Place little sushi circles around the rice, to make it look like a weird Asian flower. Using much too much time and effort, magically make a man out of fried bacon and stand him in the middle of the flower.

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  1. I love the bacon man! I'm such a sucker for presentation.